Never Really Goodbye


I’m one of those people who holds on to people.  I am still friends with my kindergarten classmates and my bunkmates from sleepaway camp- I’m serious!   So, for better or worse, we are not done with each other.

I found this blog by principal Allyson Apsey that I thought perfectly captured our end of year emotions and found it particularly appropos for the last edition of Mustang Monday:

Embrace the bittersweet tears. They mean we love and are loved.

Last week I walked into an early morning meeting to see a teacher with eyes full of tears. I know we are all tired these last days of school and we have a lot on our plates, so I listened to hear what was wrong and to see what I could do to help.

But…the tears weren’t about what was wrong. They were about what was right. The teacher was talking about the night before, when she was writing comments on students’ report cards. She was brought to tears thinking about how much her students have grown. Because she is so proud of them and loves them so much. Even the students who were challenges. Especially the students who were challenges.

Over and over the past few weeks I have heard our teachers celebrate student growth, in their interpersonal skills and academic skills. As we make plans for the next school year, teachers’ biggest concern is that students are loved by next year’s teacher just as much as they love them.

In this last week, we are going to cherish every hug, enjoy the precious moments we have left as a classroom family, and dream about all the possibilities of next year. Our jobs are not easy, they are not simple, but they are so rewarding.

Embrace the bittersweet tears. They mean we love and are loved.

“Life at best is bittersweet.”-Jack Kirby

Summer Podcasts

Below are highly recommended summer podcasts for educators:


  • Kristin Santilli will be here on Wednesday, June 14 to work with me for a few hours and then on Thursday, June 15 from 2:15-2:45 pm to speak to the staff briefly in the Library
  • K-3 teachers will be given letters to include with report cards informing families of their next year’s teacher- you will need to write the teacher name on this letter. 2017-18 class lists will be distributed by Tuesday for this purpose
  • Incoming Kindergartners will not receive their teacher assignment until August
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the End of Year Party- Thursday, June 15 at Lauren Reynolds’ house- sign up sheet is on Google- please do your best to be there-even if you just stop by for a short time

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, June 12- 1:45-3:45 pm- Professional Learning- AIMSWEB Plus Intro- Library Media Center-Laura Mulligan
  • Tuesday, June 13-
    • Character Day- dress as your favorite character
    • 4th Grade Play- 10:00-10:45 am
  • Wednesday, June 14
    • Faculty Meeting- 7:50 am- Collab Time
    • Flag Day Ceremony- 9:30 am -outside along the curved walkway- I will distribute a map for grade level location on the walkway
  • Thursday, June 15-
    • Summer Reading Extravaganza- 10:30-11:30 am
    • Practice the Reader’s Theater parts, everyone!
    • Grade 2 will have their prep before the assembly and Kinder will get their prep after lunch
    • Stop and Shop will be here to take photos for a press event- Mohegan is a top earner of A+ rewards in the state
    • Kristin Santilli will speak to staff from 2:15-2:45 pm
    • End of Year Party-4:30 at Lauren Reynolds’ house-24 Sharon Rd. Trumbull, CT.
  • Friday, June 16-Last Day of School
    • PTO will be sponsoring pizza for everyone for lunch
    • Class Parties- 12:00ish-1:15, including lunch
    • Report Card distribution

Let’s treasure these last hot days with our students and each other- I know you’ll all be joining me tomorrow to #CelebrateMonday.






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