Not All Superheroes Wear Capes!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week



I think it’s safe to say that this week you will feel happy that you made that fateful career choice however long ago it was that you made it.  Your students, their parents, members of the Shelton community, and I will be showering you with the gratitude and appreciation you all so richly deserve for the amazing “superhero” effort and work you do every day.  I know I’ve said it before, but it can’t be said too many times- you are the most dedicated, positive, and committed faculty I have ever had the privilege to work with.  You give all of your hearts and souls to this community each and every day and you give new meaning to professionalism on so many levels.   Our students are so fortunate to have you to inspire and guide them each day.  So, enjoy the lavish praise and thanks you will all receive this week.  But know that it is felt all year long- and not just one week of the year. Here is your first “gift” from me- but don’t worry, there’s more…

last bell3

As the month of May begins and we move very quickly to the last lap of this school year, it’s easy to begin to drag and count the days until the end.  I’d like to challenge that, however.  There’s still a good amount of time left to make a difference for all of our students, so let’s not rush it away with countdowns and an all consuming focus on the end.  Here are some inspiring thoughts to ponder:

lastbell 1last bell 2last bell 4

Notable Noticings:

  • Literacy Night was a great hit and tons of fun!  Thank you to Laura, Angela and Karen and everyone who volunteered- we had many BOE members here that night and they complimented the event at the BOE meeting last Wednesday
  • 2nd grade had an excellent field trip to Jones Farm.  The students were thrilled with their spruce tree saplings
  • The sounds of recorders fill the air with impressive versions of well known tunes- we can’t wait to hear our incredible musicians at their Spring Concert

Professional Learning on the Web:

Gravity Goldberg talks about her book Mindsets and Moves: strategies that help readers take charge.  It’s a great blend of the work of Carol Dweck’s Mindset and how it can merge with readers workshop- check out this podcast!

Cornelius Minor is an outspoken educator who is known for his honest and provocative words.  The interview he did with Heinemann is worth listening to about being an advocate for our struggling students.

This was a blogpost in response to that interview and specifics to how this teacher will meet her students’ needs


  • Thank you to everyone for sending me photos of the great work and activities going on.  Please continue to do so- if you have a Twitter account, feel free to tweet out the photos and use @Moheganshelton in the tweet so anyone following us will see it.
  • Please make sure you are continuing to fill out the Professional Learning Google docs that I shared with you at goal setting time.  The intent was for you to engage in some form of professional learning that came out of the needs that your students presented.  Any small effort to gain new insights into your practice would qualify: a conversation with colleague, observation, article read, webinar, podcast- please just document it on the form.  Any questions, please let me know.Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.29.29 PM
  • Grandparents Day is this Friday, May 5th.  If you are able, please park in the back of the building near the 3rd grade classrooms to leave as many spots available for our visitors.
  • Please send home the permission slips for the VITAHLS breakfast focus groups and email me the names of the students you have selected

Upcoming Events:

PBIS Assembly and Incentive- this is currently scheduled for Friday, May 5- the incentive is extra outdoor recess and ice pops- forecast is for rain-we’ll need to reschedule- maybe Wednesday PM?? Stay tuned…

  • Wednesday, May 3- Faculty Meeting- 7:50 am- Class Placement
    • We will begin the process of putting classes together using the student sheets that you have prepared
    • Full faculty will begin together at 7:50 am in the library for the Pass the Peach Candle ceremony- think about acknowledging a colleague for any notable behavior you feel is worthy of the peach “prize”
  • Wednesday, May 3- Spring Concert- 10:00-11:00 am
  • Friday, May 5- Grandparents Day
    • 9:30-9:45 am Welcome in the Gym- video will be shared
    • 9:45-10:40 am -Grade K-2 visits
    • 10:45-11:00 am Coffee Break- 4th grade chorus will sing
    • 11:00-11:45 am – Grade 3 and 4 visits
  • Tuesday, May 9 and Wednesday, May 10- SBAC Testing
    • Some specials times will need to be switched- Laura is sending out email on Monday with info
  • Thursday, May 11- Rita’s Fundraiser
  • Friday, May 12- 4th Grade “Girl Talk” with Nurse Lauren
  • Tuesday, May 17 and Wednesday, May 18- SBAC Testing

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