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As we embrace a commitment to professional learning, I wanted to remind you about 2 webinars that many of you have shown interest in and which you may want to view:

  • Donalyn Miller -Getting Readers Really Reading- I purchased the right to see this at a time other than the live broadcast, so if you are interested in viewing it at a collab time or faculty meeting, let me know
  • Marilyn Burns– Developing Students’ Numerical Understanding- this one is free and all you need to do is register.  It will be available for viewing for a few days after the live session, which is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15th.
  • Go to this link to register:


Below is a post from a  post from Teacher Learning Sessions, a fantastic website dedicated to short form teacher professional learning, including podcasts, blogs, videos, etc.  What follows is a thorough resource on how to find podcasts that are relevant to educators.   Save this for posterity!

5 Ways (plus 1 more) that Teachers Can Discover Podcasts to Love

December 27, 2015 by kevin carlson

If you are a teacher who enjoys listening to podcasts or who wants to learn more about podcasts and how they can fit into your own teaching life, we have put together a list of ways to make it easier for you to discover podcasts to love.

I have written here to share some of the reasons that I listen to podcasts and also some reasons you should consider adding podcasts to your PD mix.  But after attending a recent #titletalk Twitter chat, I wanted to share more about how to find them.

Check out

If you don’t know where to start or if you sometimes struggle to find interesting shows to listen to, you are going to love this:

Here’s how the project is described on its web site:

“It isn’t easy to discover new podcasts. There are just SO many out there. Sometimes the best approach is to simply turn to a friend and say, “Hey, what are you listening to these days?” That’s why we created, NPR’s friendly guide to great podcasts. Each of the episodes in this app was hand-picked for you by a listener or a radio/podcast pro. It’s like getting recommendations from a couple hundred of your savviest friends.”

And also Matthew McConaughey and Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Unless they are also your friends.

If you are going into podcasts cold, with no idea what to check out, this is a great place to start.

Check out The Timbre as well.

Since this post originally appeared, I discovered another site that is a beautiful and all about podcasts: The Timbre.

You can find podcast reviews, playlists of connected podcasts, “Best Podcasts” selected by their staff, podcast-related interviews and essays, and more.  The site is beautifully literate and thoughtful, artsy, and cool.

The difference between The Timbre and Earbud is that The Timbre is essentially a blog site, while Earbud is essentially a search engine site.  Both are dedicated to podcasts.  Both are beautifully designed.  Both are worth checking out.

We now resume our previously posted article…

Use iTunes, and use it better.

There are several podcast listening apps to choose from, but however you decide to listen to them, the largest source of podcasts by far is iTunes.  It is a vast collection of shows, a well-organized archive, a library, a search engine, a Top 300 chart, and more.

Open iTunes, select the Podcasts button (upper left), then select the Education category (upper right).  All the “education”-related podcasts will appear.  Many have nothing at all to do with teaching children.  Scroll to the bottom, and in the More Categories dropdown (bottom right) select K-12.  I shorten that to Podcasts > Education > K-12 when I describe it.  This is where you will find podcasts related to teaching school.

Here you will also find New and Noteworthy (for shows that have been around 8 weeks or less), “What’s Hot” for trending shows, and Top Podcasts for a list of the most popular shows.

People often don’t realize it, but iTunes is the single largest search engine there is for podcasts.  If you know Penny Kittle has a podcast, type her name into the search field.  It will show up.  If you want to find a podcast on reading strategies, type that into the search field.  You know how search works.  So does iTunes.

Find the aggregators and networks.

WNYC Morning Brief runs a special edition each Friday called “HodgePod.”  WNYC is a hotbed of great podcasts, and each week they preview and review a handful of their shows.  You can sign up here, where they also offer several show-specific newsletters as well.

Podcast networks are another good way to find new shows.  Networks typically create shows with a similar sound and feel, so when you find a show you like that is part of a network, you should be able to trust the other shows in the network.

BkPk Media produces narrative podcasts around education.  I don’t know if BkPk technically considers itself a network or not, but their productions certainly share a common tone and  approach.  And they are so good!

BAM Radio Network has dozens of education-based podcasts with various topics, styles, and subjects.

To further help you get started, The Teacher Learning Sessions has created a free PDF that includes all the podcast reviews we have written for our newsletter and TBLT blog post series.  If you are interested in this free resource, just contact us.  You can email, Tweet to @teacherpodcasts, or message the Teacher Learning Sessions Facebook page.

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